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Powering Managed Security Service Providers
through workflow and automation.

Workflow and Automation

Automate, repeat tasks and orchestrate your processes. Combine automation with people process to prevent data leakage whilst enabling your customers business to run effectively.


Allow multiple customers to intuitively interact with your services, from an approval to releasing a quarantined mail to viewing monthly/quarterly reports.


We readily integrate with your customers key information and security toolsets such as CASB, Email and Web DLP to apply regulatory standards such as GDPR.

The explosive growth of IT has led to organisations outsourcing their core IT operations to managed service providers (MSPs) and SAAS cloud solutions such as O365, and more recently their security to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPS).

The role of an MSSPS is to strike a balance between ensuring a business’s data handling strategy is secure and compliant with the increasingly strict laws on data governance. Whilst making sure that these strategies do not restrict the day to day operations of the business.

Cosensus is the first ever Security Service Management Platform built specifically for this rapidly growing market. Pairing a fast, modern and intuitive workspace for both customer and provider to deal with with complex scenarios disseminating information to the correct people to the simplest of tasks such as releasing a falsely identified email.


Cyber Orchard

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"Cosensus has given us the ability to monitor and react rapidly to alerts within our customer environments. More importantly though, Cosensus does not only give visibility, the platforms orchestration and workflow engine enables dynamic automated responses. This has enabled us to meet faster SLA targets and dramatically reduce the amount of manual work effort required in resolving events."

- Jason Bird


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"Cosensus lets us define every aspect of how we engage with our customers, from the onboarding process to technical support, training and monthly billing. We even have internal workflows for managing product development, marketing and sales efforts. We love the fact that, no matter what our desired business process is, we can make Cosensus support it. The ability to codify our business processes and evolve them easily over time is a game changer for us. This is really powerful stuff!"

- Chris Johnson
Technical Director



From whiteboard to workflow portal. It’s as straight forward as configuring a firewall or a proxy. Utilising our next generation workflow configuration studio you can quickly design forms, configure workflow rules, manipulate data and design reports to suit the requirements of any customer.

Multiple Roles

Taylor your service offerings around the people involved. Clients can nominate separate technical and approval roles within their organisation.. Your own technical and account teams can then interact with the correct people across multiple customers.


On Premise Support

Our on site service appliance allows the anonymous tokenisation of event and asset data so that your workflows can execute in the cloud, safely and securely. Allow orchestration tasks to be triggered back within your perimeter by securely acting on un-masked token detail.


Integration and Workflow Library

Browse our library for integrations to leading SAAS and Security providers, and examine examples of our most popularly requested worfkflows. As part of our offering we commit to integrating with up to 5 of your key sources. Can’t find the integration you need? Just ask us and we’ll add it.

API Development

Everything you see in Cosensus is API driven. If you can see it, you can drive it. Our SDK WIKI guides your developers to integrate seamlessly and a community that shares everything from attractive web controls to mobile app integration.

Built on Palladient

10 years of experience of workflow development on various platforms means we know what is really required. Our platform is designed to be fast, robust and designed with the future in mind, we’ve eliminated the risks associated with platform and process upgrades, updates and migrations.


Cosensus C Logo

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